Jeremy Piven has a happy birthday

Jeremy Piven from Entourage had a birthday dinner at the Poloraid Beach House. In attendance was Lindsay Lohan who hugged it out with Jeremy Piven and posed for a lot of pictures in front of a white door.

I’ve seen a lot of pornos start out this way so I wouldn’t be suprised if Piven and Lohan were filming one. It would probably be her method of becoming a more serious actor. Kind of like how Paris Hilton did it, but more classy because it’s at a party with a lot of people and having an audience makes it more legit.

If you’re in Las Vegas and love Jeremy Piven then check out Pure Nightclub because that’s where he’s having his birthday celebration. The only catch is you might have to swim past a row of security to try and hug it out with him. A lot more pictures after the jump.

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14 years ago

i love jeremy piven, soo hot!