Josh Hartnett is a girl

Last Monday, Wilmer Valderrama was at a party in the Hamptons and arranged for a helicopter to pick up Scarlett Johansson to join him. Josh Hartnett got a little jealous and started calling throughout the night to check up on Scarlett. The word “dignity” springs into mind. I really don’t know why because it should have no business anywhere near this story.

Valderrama was hosting a party at the Star Room, after which the two stars left to attend a friend’s birthday celebration at the club Boutique.

Although the rendezvous was innocent, partygoers report that Josh kept calling his lady love on her cell phone.

“Finally Scarlett just handed her phone to Wilmer and said, ‘Talk to Josh. Tell him we’re friends.'”

I’d be worried too if I were Josh. Not only is Fez some Hollywood starlet magnet, but Isn’t there also some unwritten rule that if a guy flys you to a party in the Hamptons via helicopter, they are guaranteed at least a blow job? Ladies, am I right?

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16 years ago

Don’t know about the blow job. But why when a guy with less money than Josh does this, it’s called being Abusive and Controlling?

she needs to dump him for the guy who flew her to a party.