Justin Timberlake likes drugs

Justin Timberlake

In a recent interview with Observer Music Monthly, Justin Timberlake admitted to using drugs. Answer to why he’s dating Cameron Diaz. Check. He says the only reason he hasn’t been caught is because he does it in private and even if he does get caught, he always makes sure there are no cameras around. It’s pretty convenient he’s mentioning this now after his movie Alpha Dog was changed from a theatrical release to a straight to dvd release. Justin refused to mention what drugs he takes, but Aspirin is a drug right?

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JT, maybe you should stick to singing “girl, Im’ma come bang you” songs ad nauseam.

Kizzy Juarez

I don’t think it’s fair for every person who has ever worked with Woody Allen to have to cower and apologize for the career decisions they made. Nor should everyone who ever worked with Harvey Weinstein be required to do so. It’s distracting from the real issue. The real issue is the pattern of awful behavior towards women in Hollywood (and everywhere) – not torch-and-pitchforking every person who ever had anything to do with a person who perpetrated that awful behavior. Stay on task, people.

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