Lindsay Lohan has no respect

Lindsay Lohan

The week isn’t complete without six Lindsay Lohan stories. This one comes from her birthday party in Disneyland. Lindsay Lohan was invited by Disneyland on Friday to spend her birthday at the park. So, how does a celebrity and friends spend an evening in Disneyland? They get drunk and smoke weed while riding the rides.

Between the obvious smell, rude behavior and the snotty attitude the entire party displayed, there were very few Lindsay Lohan fans working at Disneyland by the end of that night. At 1:30am, with Disneyland completely deserted, the birthday party was then loaded onto the Sailing Ship Columbia. As the ship cruised around a darkened Rivers of America with Mickey Mouse on board and catered desert being served by costumed pirates, the party took its most alarming turn as some party guests used the darkened ship to engage in very inappropriate behavior for the happiest place on earth.

Last time I went to Disneyland I had to wait in hour long lines just to go on some lame ride. There were no orgies to speak of no matter how many times I asked Snow White. Honestly, show her one little spiked dildo and she freaks out. You would think she’d be a little more open minded after being with seven dwarves.

Oh and this is Lindsay giving some guy head. I think it’s something from her new movie Georgia, but it sounds better if I say she was giving some random guy a bj.

Lindsay Lohan Lindsay Lohan Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan Lindsay Lohan

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