Lindsay Lohan is not like Paris

Telling Lindsay Lohan that she looks like the spitting image of Marilyn Monroe is akin to telling a fat girl that she looks like Kelly Brook. It’ll give you about five minutes worth of entertainment, but it won’t fill that void. That being said, I don’t know why Marilyn Monroe’s best friend told Lohan she looked like the sex symbol unless she was actually making fun of Lohan’s pale body.

Sharon Stone also told Lohan she resembled someone. Namely, herself. If I was a girl and Sharon Stone told me I looked like her, my first reaction would be to cry hysterically, but not before I mustered enough strength to slap her across the lips.

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17 years ago

whoeva wrote diz iz a total bitch paris hilton iz a bitch i h8 her she ain’t blac she iz sum skinny white gyal who will do anyfin 4 money lindsay lohan iz much betta and i like her so will u mutha fuckas leave her alone