Nicholas Cage is losing it

Most people know about Nicholas Cage’s fascination with comic books, especially Superman. That was pretty clear after he guaranteed a lifetime of beatings for his son by naming him Kal-el. After seeing Brandon Routh in the new Superman movie, Cage has become even more obsessed.

“I really like the movie. Each night I have dreams that I’m flying. I’m a real good floater in my sleep. But I wake up thinking the dream really did happen. “My wife looks at me and sees I’m lifting up, wondering if I’m really going to leave the ground. It’s quite a wake-up call.”

I have dreams of having sex with supermodels. The difference between my dreams and Nicholas Cage’s dreams is my dreams are based in reality and don’t make me sound crazy. But really, I actually do have sex with supermodels in my sleep. I’m serious. They may be gone when I wake up, but I have semen on my sheets every morning. Isn’t that proof enough?

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