Pamela Anderson is drinking

At a press conference for Pamela Anderson’s new poker site,, Pamela Anderson confirmed that she is getting married to Kid Rock in France, Michigan, California and Tennessee. The nuptials will take place near St. Tropez on Saturday. One question remains. Why only defile three states?

Asked how she’s coping with her nerves before the big event, she replied: “I have two words for you: champagne.”

She wasn’t kidding. First of all. Champagne is one word. Second of all. She must have gotten so plastered in St. Tropez that she passed out on the boat under the sun for about 20 days. People now call her leather face. She doesn’t get it so she just giggles. Honestly, what do you expect from a woman who wears a veil with a big fake diamond on her forehead to a news conference about POKER?

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