Pink supports Britney Spears

Pink seems to be the only one saying anything about Britney Spears.

Pink gave a very public good will message to Britney Spears by dedicating a song to her fellow pop star at her Los Angeles gig this week.

The singer preceded a rousing performance of Get The Party Started by telling the audience she had always loved Britney so wanted them to join together and send Spears “good energy and love because she could use it right now.”

However, not all of the crowd at the Avalon venue felt Pink’s goodwill, with some of them laughing at the suggestion.

Which is great, really. There’s nothing that will improve your image more than getting support from Pink. Unless Courtney Love hops on the bandwagon. Or the Star Wars kid. Maybe later, Pink and Britney can hang out and film themselves getting matching nipple piercings. A regular girls’ night out.

Pink “performing”.

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14 years ago

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