Puff Daddy is now Puff

Puff Daddy must finally realize no one cares about him anymore after some random guy on the street made fun of him.

‘Hey, P. Diddy, how about ride, help the working man out?,’ ” our spy reports. “Puffy replied, ‘I always help the working man out. And it’s Puff, brother!’ ” After Combs started crossing the street, the driver yelled, “Yeah, Diddy, how cool is a guy that changes his nickname more than a baby changes diapers?”

Puff, P. Diddy, Puffy…This guy’s nicknames are endless. If only his talent matched the multitude of nicknames. Why do rappers even have nicknames? I know most rock stars don’t. Maybe the rappers are shedding their slave names and nicknames give them a new racial identity. This wasn’t meant to be funny, but a thought-provoking comment on race relations in America. Know what I’m sayin’?

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