Richard Hatch goes to jail

Richard Hatch who won the first season of Survivor has been sent to a federal prison in Oaklahoma to serve a 51 month sentence for failing to pay taxes on his $1 million earnings. The judge who sentenced him said he repeatedly lied on the witness stand.

Richard Hatch now has to play survivor all over again. This time in prison. And Instead of winning money, he wins by not getting raped which I think may be worth more than money. I recommend he not tell anyone why he’s there. For some reason or another people think you’re soft if you tell them that you were convicted of tax evasion. Especially when they find out that you thought you could fool the IRS even though half the world saw you on television winning the $1 million.

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17 years ago

Since Dicky Hatch is a self confessed h**o, I don’t think prison life will be all that bad for him… he’ll get his daily ass-packing without even having to haunt the gay bars for beautiful young boys… unfortunately, it’s going to be big black TYRONE, not a Tom Cruise look a like, doing the packing… OUCH!