Sofia Loren wants to get naked

When you’re old, you’re old. You don’t have to be an ass and make other people suffer. 71 year old Sofia Loren has chosen to pose nude in the 2007 Pirelli calendar. Actually, not completely nude, she’ll be wearing diamond earings. One can only hope these earings are about 6ft tall and 4ft wide. The good news is if you ever have hiccups you can just whip out the calendar and bam! Instant cure. Side effects include dry heaving and temporary blindness. Possibly impotence.

Penelope Cruz, Naomi Watts and Hilary Swank are among other stars posing nude for this calendar. You have to wonder if they were past deadline with their selections and decided to play darts to decide, but before they could begin, someone stabbed them in the eyes.

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