The Suri Cruise conspiracy

TMZ is going crazy with Suri Cruise conspiracy theories. They are doing some deep digging into Suri’s birth certificate. They note that only a couple of pictures of Katie Holmes have been seen since she gave birth. They have also investigated the birth certificate and found that it was signed by the same person that signed Brooke Shield’s certificate. Other theories that have been floating around are that Tom Cruise is holding out for more money, Suri died in childbirth and the more believable theory of following Scientology rules.

I suppose all these conspiracy theories fit in with L. Ron Hubbard’s made up religion. There’s one thing Scientology is missing though. A section on really hot naked women like the bible has.

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17 years ago

I bet Suri Cruise is dead. God knows she’s going to have it rough when she grows up and discovers that her father acted like he needed a severe amount of therapy.