Adriana Lima is Michelle Rodriguez

There are so many questions that need to be answered in these pictures. Why does Adriana Lima remind me of Michelle Rodriguez? Why does she look so pissed? What kind of jewelrey is she shopping for? Why is she so turned on by a gold necklace? Why is she eating the gold necklace? How do I find this gold neckalce? Why am I so turned on by Adriana and her gold necklace? How did my boxers get so sticky all of a sudden? Where did I put my paper towels? How come I have no more clean boxers? Why didn’t I do my laundry yesterday? Why? Why?

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14 years ago

In response to your question “Why is she eating the gold necklace?”, this is actually an old way to check if the gold is real or not. There is an age-old tradition of biting gold in order to test its authenticity. Although this is certainly not a professional way of examining gold, the bite test should score the gold because gold is considered a soft metal according to the Mohs’ scale of mineral hardness. The purer the gold the easier it should be to mark it. Maybe this was the way Adriana was trained by her parents or grandparents to… Read more »

14 years ago


14 years ago

yes, that is one way of checking if that is gold or not (biting). Although she looks pissed shopping, she looks happy after seeing how pretty the gold chain looks on her. :)

adriana's big fan
13 years ago

I’m glad Goshgetalife knows to much for gold. And I’m glad that adriana lima has many to bye all that gold. But I’m not glad for your boxers too.
I wish you will find the answer of those stupid questions.
I’m not angry that you don’t see adriana as a beautiful woman, but I’m sad that you don’t see as god as you had. Fore more you don’t have an artists eyes.
Anyway sorry for my language too.

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