Bruce Willis has great friends

TMZ has obtained a lawsuit filed by Bruce Willis against his childhood friend Bruce DiMattia. Willis employed DiMattia to “organize private family photographs, videotapes, DVDs and films depicting Willis and his family members.” The suit goes on to say:

“[DiMattia] acquired knowledge of certain highly personal, private and confidential information” about Willis and his family. The suit says that in addition to “other compensation” paid to DiMattia, DiMattia lived rent free in a home owned by Willis.

Bruce Willis is claiming DiMattia is trying to extort him out of money and if he doesn’t pay, DiMattia is going to release private family photographs and memorabilia along with a manuscript of “lies” about Bruce Willis.

This guy is a real winner. Not only did he get to live rent free in a house he didn’t pay for, he made money for being a librarian. I’ll even go so far as to say he might have even gotten Willis’ sloppy seconds. If that’s not friendship right there, I don’t know what is. Unless Willis’ sloppy seconds happened to be men. Then that would be kind of weird. “Uhh, thanks Bruce, but I told you yesterday, I don’t like penis in my mouth unless it’s mine.”

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