Eva Longoria wants sex with women

After Eva Longoria made out with another girl, she told her boyfriend Tony Parker that she wants a full on gay experience. Eva admits she would be open to girl on girl action to satisfy her curiousity.

“I wish I had a full-on gay experience because I think women are beautiful creatures. They’re much more attractive naked than men and it sounds like fun. Maybe I’m just holding out for the future.”

I’ll drink to the fact that women are much more attractive naked than men. Tony Parker probably has some stupid grin on his face. I wouldn’t be smiling if Eva decides to not wear makeup. That’ll kill an erection faster than a sledgehammer to the nuts. Here’s some pics of Eva Longoria apparently wearing the popsicle I had over the weekend.

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17 years ago

mi mnogo e hubalo tova momi4e i mnogo mi haresva

17 years ago

Nice to hear that Eva could be a switch hitter!!! Now all Tony has to do is admit to his gay adventures. Rumor has it that him and Tim Duncan like to play “pick up the soap” in the shower….