Jen and Vince may be over

Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn may very well be done. There haven’t been any pictures of them together recently and rumors have been flying around about who broke up with who.

According to the Bosh, a source said: “[Sharon] told him that if he married Jen, he’d be in for a world of heartbreak,” and that they should take a break so Aniston “could find closure” over ex-husband Pitt. Apparently he took her advice, and told his galpal they should “take a breather.”

but a different pal says Aniston ended the relationship because she felt Vaughn wasn’t the marrying type. “She says he acted like a jerk, staying up all night with his friends, drinking and smoking.”

“It dawned on her that this isn’t the kind of man she wants to marry” and that “the fact is, she dumped Vince.”

I can see Aniston not getting over Brad Pitt. I can also see Vince being a jerk. I can also see the rest of the world not giving s**t. Well, whatever the case may be, I know I won’t be getting an ounce of sleep tonight.

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16 years ago

yea right! like jen did the dumping. NOOOOOOOO WAAAAAAAAAY! i strongly feel that VV did the dumping, remember Vince’s mom did not like this psycho, and i’m glad that she could see right thru the chinnifer, compared to Brad’s mom. as far as i’m concerned, this dimwit can take her bad acting somewhere else, another country, maybe, if they’ll have her, cause she soooooo majorly sucks. can’t act, can’t be any kind of a wife (so why should she even want a husband), can’t even be a good daughter, and definitely DOESN’T EVEN WANT TO BE A MOMMY. i am… Read more »