Jessica Simpson gets an apology

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson ran into Bam Margera at a dive bar after her album release party where they talked about the rumors of them hooking up.

“And (Jessica) was like, ‘Don’t worry about it, sweetheart, I’m the nicest girl you’ll ever meet. Everything’s fine.’ I’m just like, I’m glad that that happened.”

Nowhere in the story does it mention Bam didn’t sleep with Jessica. The only thing close to that is Bam saying his ex-girlfriend was crazy and wanted to start some drama. Also, I’ll feel like a leper if I don’t mention this, Jessica is now dating John Mayer who is only 1 step up from Bam Margera. If these two fought in a cage, John Mayer would win because no one can stop Bigfoot. Not even science.

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