Matthew Perry is friendly

When Matthew Perry goes to the elevator in his Beverly Hills apartment and is greeted amicably by old people, he looks the other way and pretends they aren’t there.

“He never responds when we say hello! Every time one of us walks into the elevator and he is there, we always say ‘hi’ because it is nice and neighborly, and he always looks away and ignores us. Most people don’t know who he is – they didn’t watch ‘Friends,’ they watched ‘Golden Girls.’ Who does he think he is?”

He’s a big star damnit and they are but peons to him. Being on Friends gives him the right to pretend old people don’t exist. Plus, he has no time for fans because that’s obviously what everyone who talks to him is. Next thing you know he’ll be kicking puppies because they were looking at him funny. The stupid puppy clearly wanted an autograph.

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