Nicole Richie has nude photos

Nicole Richie at the beach

While Nicole Richie was in Guy’s in LA, someone stole her camera. This camera is said to contain nude pictures of Nicole Richie and her friends. Like the princess she is when she realized her camera was missing, she asked the club to stop what they were doing, turn on the lights and help her look for her camera.

“Nicole had been experimenting and had a memory card full of sexy nude photos of her and a lot of friends,� says a source. “They’d be embarrassed if they got out.�

Apparently she was taking nude pictures of all her friends then having her friends take nude pictures of her and then taking group nude pictures. So it’s true, girls do do this. It seems some female friends have been lying to me telling me I fantasize too much. My whole world has been turned upside down. Now I know that girls also have sleepovers and then pillow fight bare chested with feathers flying everywhere. Oh and to the criminals who stole the camera. For the love of god, keep these pictures off the internet. If you can’t do this, then at least warn me so I can find a pot to vomit in.

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