Paris Hilton has a new lover

Paris Hilton has probably lost the bet with Serena Williams over who could abstain from sex the longest. The news today is Paris and Brandon Davis have been living together since he got out of rehab. The cover story is Brandon is selling his home and that’s why he’s staying at her house. Clever. Except Brandon Davis is rich and could afford to stay in a hotel. He just needs one with AC that can go to 32 degrees farenheit. Because he’s sweaty. As a result of being fat.

The fire crotch rant must have really touched Paris’ heart like some sort of socialite cupid’s arrow. In fact, the combination of Paris and Brandon may be so awesome it could make the world implode. That level of stupidity has never been reached…until now. I have only one question. Can you handle Brandon “The Beast” Davis?

Oh look, Paris meets her one fan while in Tokyo.

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17 years ago

paris hilton – It is already a common knowledge that Paris has made headlines often (along with her sister, Nicky Hilton). But she does like this attention and wants to have more. So I’m shore the articles about her won’t stop coming. Want to know what are the news?