There’s something growing in J. Lo

…and it’s not my gargantuan penis. In an interview, Jesse McCartney let it slip that Jennifer Lopez is pregnant. They were talking about his girlfriend Katie Cassidy and how she got the role of Lucy Ewing.

Then Locke inquired, “Oh, so I bet your girlfriend can give us the scoop on why Jennifer Lopez was fired from the movie?” Without thinking, McCartney replied, “She didn’t get fired. She’s pregnant.”

You heard it people. Looks like J. Lo is going to have a baby with ratman himself. And I honestly have no idea who Jesse McCartney is. He’s supposedly some teen pop star that gets girls’ panties wet. So in a way, he’s like me. But in another way, he’s not like me because I’ve had extensive CIA training and I wouldn’t have given up that information so easily. Plus, I can convince girls to have sex with me in 1 minute flat. That has nothing to do with anything. I just want you ladies to know I am that sexy.

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