Aaron Carter is engaged

Kari Ann Peniche

At 18 years old, Aaron Carter proposed to his girlfriend Kari Ann Peniche, who everyone has totally seen naked in Playboy. Aaron popped the question in Las Vegas during the Playboy Comedy Tour in front of 200 people. An interesting annotation is Kari used to date Aaron’s brother Nick. Knowing this, I would have said no if I was Kari. Constantly being asked questions like “Does Nick do it like this?” or “My penis is bigger, right? You giggling means yes?” doesn’t seem like it would make a blissful marriage or maybe it does. I wouldn’t really know because I’m so sexy that I bed a different girl every night. By “girl” I mean Myspace and by “every night” I mean never and “bed” is actually a bed because that’s where I go to cry.

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Total junkie trying to deflect blame.


he’s def on meth

Sweetheart Savage
You guys are all full of bs. You need to take this down and feel disgusted with yourselves! ALL OF YOU! Aaron Carter has had a rough time and just because he has health conditions doesnt mean he has been doing drugs and meth to make it that way. This stuff happened after his sister passed away. You would feel bad too if someone you grew up with and loved passed away with the same stuff you are taking. I think Aaron Carter deserves to be loved and appreciated during this time espeacially because he is looking for help to… Read more »
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