Avril Lavigne needs a paddlin’

Usually I wouldn’t care that this idiot spat on someone, but now it’s happened three nights in a row if you include her husband/pet. The first two nights, Tuesday and Wednesday, photogs saw Avril Lavigne spitting on them with one loogie hitting a paparazzi in the face. On the third night, Deryck Whibley joined in and hit a photog in the glasses.

The photog ran up to a police officer and reported it, but the officer didn’t care even though spitting on someone is illegal here. What the paparazzi should have done is spat back in Avril Lavigne’s face, then the police would care. It’s also worth a mention that while she was leaving the club, she let out a barrage of “f**k you’s” and thought it would be funny to write “f**k you” on the pictures of autograph seekers. The unfunny part is when someone elbows her in the mouth. Well, unfunny for her.

Deryck Whibley spitting on the third night is understandable. It’s not his fault orangutans are prone to imitate humans. These two should go back to what they do best, writing shitty music. Signed, The World.

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mehdi fosril
16 years ago

hello is for avril lavigne aalways.thank s

14 years ago

Her ‘fnas’ should offer to pay for their concert tickets in pesos or Canadian dollars. Bet that ‘d give her some appreciation for America.