Ben Affleck is so wrong

Ben Affleck was being his retarded self again at a recent interview for his movie Hollywoodland in which he plays George Reeves. He had this to say.

“Nowadays … people pay attention more and more to actors’ private lives or personal lives or even the most mundane aspects of their every day lives in a kind of parallel track alongside their movies,” said popular tabloid target Affleck.

“Even the movies sometimes become incidental pit stops or commercial breaks in the soap opera of their life. I think that is bad for the actors, definitely, because it makes it difficult to suspend disbelief when you go and see their movie.”

Ben Affleck should be lucky anyone pays attention to him at all. He should be glad no one has kidnapped him and beat his face with his dvds yet. He should be even more thankful that my van broke down and my bottle of chloroform broke.

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17 years ago

Or if the first Superman was still around, he’d slap his face!