Britney Spears expands the brood

Us is reporting Britney Spears gave birth to Jailynn? this morning. Actually, “gave birth” isn’t the right term. It was more a removal from womb by c-section. The birth of her 6lb 11oz baby boy came 2 days before her other son Sean Preston’s birthday. This is Kevin Federline’s fourth child.

A while back, it was said Britney Spears wanted a baby girl. Well, sometimes you don’t get what you want in life. Like I wanted Kevin Federline to trip over a rake and fall into some thorny rose bushes, but that hasn’t happened. Both of us can at least find solace in Britney giving her son a girl’s name and setting him up for a lifetime of mockery from his peers. I don’t usually give out free financial advice, but I suggest setting up both a college fund and a therapy fund.

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