Christian Slater is a bum

At a MTV VMA party, Christian Slater made off with more than $7,000 worth of goods.

Stunned onlookers stood and watched as the ‘Broken Arrow’ actor scoured the event at the exclusive Polaroid Lounge at Marquee, in New York.

Christian reportedly grabbed three pairs of Luxottica sunglasses worth $750, electronic gadgets worth $1,000 and five pieces of Lia Sophia jewellery worth $5,000 collectively.

He said that the sunglasses was for his wife and the jewelry was for a friend. I can’t fault him since the last two things I’ve seen him in are Robot Chicken and Hollow Man 2. It just seems kind of pathetic to be doing this. I’ve seen homeless people at a soup kitchen with more class.

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17 years ago

White trash with Money disease? Why is his wife divorcing him?

17 years ago

First off christian slater is not a bum he’s awesome, second of all he didn’t take your s**t so why you care anyway? I’m glad his wife is divorcing him maybe i’ll find him and we can suffer from money disease together. True romance best movie ever