Everybody is Wonder Woman

Just a little while ago there was a rumor that Rachel Bilson would play Wonder Woman. She did wear the Wonder Woman outfit in an episode of The O.C. which is pretty close. The one thing you have to realize is Wonder Woman is a 6 foot tall Amazonian. Rachel Bilson is a staggering 5’3”. But hey, it’s the movies. Just look at Tom Cruise. Now for some reason or another, Katherine McPhee is also tied to the movie.

I just laugh about it. I mean, I’m not gonna deny it, or admit to it. But it’s funny because no one has even received this so-called Wonder Woman script. It’s like there’s so much buzz created around a script that isn’t even in the hands of any actresses yet.

Way to play coy and milk your 15 minutes of fame. Everyone knows there’s no way in hell you’re gonna play Wonder Woman. It would be like casting Sidney Poitier as Neville Flynn in Snakes on a Plane. To make that analogy work you have to flip flop it and turn it sideways. Work with me.

Despite all these rumors, I’m still holding out for the original rumored Wonder Woman. Charisma Carpenter.

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