Joe Simpson is really strange

Radar Online is reporting Joe Simpson has a quiet arrangement with WireImage to provide his own exclusive and racy shots of Jessica and Ashlee Simpson and it’s starting to piss off other paparazzi.

One recalled being invited to cover an event sponsored by Jessica’s record label, Epic, only to find her shots blocked again and again by Joe and his Nikon. “I thought it was really odd that he was always in my way, since I was the one who was paid to be there shooting,” she says. Though the freelancer did manage to get some clean shots, Joe’s were the only ones WireImage deemed worthy of being distributed.

I’ve lost count of how many lines Joe Simpson has crossed. Family pictures at gatherings and trips are normal. Telling your daughter to bend over and wait while you adjust the light so it bounces off her ass just right is not so normal. At least she looks cute in these pictures.

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karin jage
karin jage
17 years ago

fluff and puff with no substance that the american public laps up, go away !

17 years ago

Right there with you, Karin.
Do you people have so much spare time as to you it invading other people’s privacy? Do you have nothing better than to do with your own life, so instead you make comments about other people. No doubt, the Simpsons are nuts. So let it go. Move on. There is more to life than celebreality.