Julian McMahon is really lucky

Nip/Tuck is arguably one of the best dramas running this season. It’s starting off a little better than last season and the Scientology aspect was pretty funny. Well, being Julian McMahon aka Dr. Christian Troy gets you a lot of perks like getting to have sex with a different girl in almost every episode.

There is a downside to all this and that’s when Rosie O’Donnell guest stars as one of your conquests. You’d think it would be bad enough to have to film a mock sex scene with Rosie, but it gets worse. The director couldn’t shoot around a tube top Rosie was wearing because it would always get in the shot. Rosie’s solution was to pull the top down to which McMahon replied with, “nice boobs”. I don’t think anyone mentioned the level of vomiting that happened afterward, but I hear it was described as obscene.

Scary stories always give me goosebumps. This was one of the more disturbing ones and it may end up giving me nightmares. Good thing I have rubber sheets.

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