Kate Winslet lives in her own ignorance

Kate Winslet is so frustrated over Hollywood’s obsession with skinny women that she has banned any mention of weight or body image in her house. Kate says she loves her voluptuous figure and feels that she should maintain her healthy weight because she’s a role model for young girls. She’s also mystified over people’s fascination with Nicole Richie. Well, it seems that if she doesn’t get it, then she must have too much fat crowding her brain and I don’t want to be childish, but…fatty fat fat fat.

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15 years ago

Winslet is a free-thinking hottie; Richie is a bimbo sorority girl, or she would have been if she hadn’t dropped out of university! It’s brave for a celebrity to reject the the plastic, conformist Hollywood culture where people value business connections and fashion more than they value intelligence and personality. I wish more actresses had the brains and the balls to pull it off.

15 years ago

Three cheers for Kate Winslet! More people should subscribe to the healthy body weight philosophy, instead of being too much or too little. I think your food deprivation is fogging your brain. Kate is a beautiful, strong woman and I admire her.

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