Lindsay Lohan might have issues

Lindsay Lohan doesn’t know how or doesn’t want to stay out of the news. On Friday, Lindsay was rushed to the hospital due to a fractured wrist. I know what you’re thinking. “That’s what happens when you give too many handjobs.” High five bro, but no. In reality, it was only fractured after she slipped at a fashion week party in New York.

Another incident involved Lindsay and her mom, Dina, at Dina’s birthday party. The intro to this is Lindsay got a call from her mother to go to her birthday party. Lindsay was reluctant because Dina was already drinking, but she went. Then this:

The two began cursing each other in front of other patrons in the crowded Chinese eatery, including Ryan Cabrera, Brandy and Serena Williams at nearby tables. “A mortified” Lindsay finally told her mother to “go to hell!” before she exited. After Lindsay left, Dina started “crying and shaking . . . Dina typed vigorously on her BlackBerry for 45 minutes while her friends were just sitting there, and when the birthday cake came out, she broke out crying again – even louder.”

The unhappy birthday girl – who calls herself the “white Oprah” – also made “five trips to the bathroom in 90 minutes and came back to the table sniffling each time,” said our witness.

It goes on to say Dina threw fortune cookies at the waiters, flipped them off and left without tipping. Dysfunctional doesn’t even begin to describe this family. Married With Children. That was dysfunctional. This is a familial apocalypse. If you pitted the Lohans against some white trash family, they would eventually call the Lohans unclassy while they ate their possum.

These pictures are of Lohan at Morimoto in New York which could be the restaurant they’re talking about.

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