Nicole and Paris will never be friends

On the Tyra Banks Show, Nicole Richie said that there is no chance she will make nice with Paris Hilton and misses nothing about their friendship. According to Nicole, Paris and her haven’t been friends for three years and had ended their friendship two years before Paris announced it. She denied rumors that the relationship ended when she hosted a viewing of 1 Night in Paris and laughed off rumors about an on air reconciliation.

Richie also denied that she has anorexia or bulimia, but does admit she needs to put on weight, although she doesn’t own a scale so she doesn’t know how much. What does it matter, it’s not like it’ll actually stay in her stomach.

It’s hard to know if she even knows what anorexia or bulimia means. I bet when someone finally explains it to her, her eyes will light up and she’ll say she always wondered why people kept on asking her if she bleached her asshole.

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