Paris Hilton admits the obvious

Paris Hilton was questioned about Joe Francis’ victimization in 2004. Investigators asked Paris to remember her talk with Francis to which she responded:

“Like I really . . . I don’t remember. I’m not like that smart”

There you have it. Paris isn’t “that smart.” While we’re on the topic of shocking revelations, I think I should mention this. You know those extra large toilet paper sheets they put above toilets? Well, get this, it’s not toilet paper. Apparently, it’s a protective barrier that goes between the lid and your ass. I know, crazy right?

As for the Joe Francis victimization. His attacker tied him up, pulled his pants down and taunted him with a dildo. He then made Joe say he liked gay sex.

“That just is ridiculous to me,” Francis told “Dateline.” “That somebody’s gonna think the owner of ‘Girls Gone Wild’ is gay? I would have said anything with a gun to my head.”

Said Francis with a nervous laugh while his eyes darted from side to side.

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