Russell Crowe denies playing the Croc Hunter

Russell Crowe is angry over the rumors that he’ll play his friend Steve Irwin in a biopic.

“I’m not doing business over the grave of my friend. I find that appalling. But, you know, that’s not just in the tabloid[s]. That’s in The Guardian, its in The New York Times. Understand? Absolutely disgusting.”

Crowe also touched on his frustration over the media’s unwillingness to let his phone beating incident go.

“I think — I think it’s rotten to the core. I think it’s full of a whole bunch of people who write late into the night while drinking themselves into oblivion. And I think it’s a very nasty situation that we’ve got ourselves in the world, where you cannot go to a news source and reliably be told the truth.”

Whoa. No need to throw a hissy fit. Please stop punching me, I just ask the questions. What are you doing with that telephone? Ahhh!

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