Sean Penn is above the law

During a Canadian press conference for All The King’s Men, Sean Penn thought he was above the no indoor smoking law and lit up a cigarette. People are now angry that he didn’t receive a ticket from the anti-smoking police. Yes. They have anti-smoking police.

Critics said it will appear the new Smoke-Free Ontario Act, which outlaws smoking in indoor public spaces, doesn’t apply to the rich and famous unless something is done.

“It was such a flagrant breach of the law,” said Michael Perly, executive director of the Ontario Campaign for Action on Tobacco.

Everyone knows celebrities are above the law. Laws are for peons. Rich and famous people like Penn and I. We’re no peons. No way. No how.

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17 years ago

I honestly cannot believe this man. He is a celebrity. Some people (i can’t think of anyone i know) look up to him. He lights up a cigarette indoors where smoking is not permitted, and gets away with it? Then he complains about how messed up things are in Iraq, and blasts George Bush and others. Come on!!! If he really wants people to listen to him and take him seriously, he should educate himself. Really. I mean it. Read something. Watch the news. Research something before you just jump in. I can suggest a good place to start. He… Read more »

17 years ago

wat an asshole.go to hell seriously, if u can’t respect that, then wat are you? i don’t give a s**t if ur a celebrity…famous pshhh WHO CARES, you’re just like the rest of us and have to obey the laws put forth by the government.