Terrell Owens accidentally attempted suicide

Terrell Owens is back from the hospital after being treated for an allergic reaction after he took both hydrocodone and supplements at the same time. A police report obtained today led many to believe this was a suicide attempt.

When officially released by police, about half the document was blacked out, including the phrases “attempting suicide by prescription pain medication” and “a drug overdose,” as well as the details of Owens having two pills pried from his mouth and Owens saying “Yes” when asked if he intended to harm himself.

I doubt the police made up the line about prying two pills from his mouth. Owens claims the confusion occurred when his publicist found an empty bottle of pain killers. Apparently the rest of the pills were in the drawer. Someone is eventually going to ask why the pills weren’t in the bottle to begin with and that same someone is also going to ask if TO thinks death is an allergic reaction. That someone is Encyclopedia Brown because he thinks he’s sooo smart.

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