The Pope’s excorcist has too much free time

Rev. Gabriele Amorth, Pope Benidict’s chief excorcist (…oooook) , has called Harry Potter the “king of darkness, the devil” and compares Potter to Stalin and Hitler.

“Magic is always a turn to the devil,” said the Roman Catholic priest, according to Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper.

Tell that to 6th graders after you let them watch The Craft. They’ll be trying everything they can to chant up a cure for social awkwardness. So, listen to someone who’s matured a little. There is no cure. And there’s certainly not one for ugly people. The banner is of Emma Watson because you know.

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17 years ago

Did somebody get the face she deserves? It sure looks like it. How dare that Catholic Priest say Harry is the Devil. What about the boys of “How to eat Fried Worms?”