Uwe Boll beats up critics

A while back, Uwe Boll, director of Bloodrayne and other shitastic movies, challenged his critics to a boxing match. 15 applied and more than 4 accepted the challenge. Jeff from Aint It Cool actually got in the ring, but ended up whining.

“Then he started beating the crap out of my head,” he said. “I think he’s a jerk. This might be PR but I don’t want to keep getting punched in the head.”

I’m not sure what part of “boxing” confused him. Maybe he thought they were gonna play patty cake. The rest of the fighters fought until they were knocked out including Richard Kyanka of Something Awful. Uwe Boll trains in boxing and used these guys as a moving target. Sadly, I’d still rather watch a bowel movement than any of his movies.

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