Anna Nicole Smith has been sued

Larry Birkhead, the other guy claiming to be the dad of Dannielynn, has filed suit for a paternity test. He alleges Anna Nicole Smith is addicted to methadone (found in Daniel Smith’s body) and Stern facilitated the habit. That she fled to the Bahamas to avoid drug testing her baby. That Howard is claiming he’s the father for his own financial gain. Some say he sold his wedding/commitment photos to People magazine for $1 million. And that Stern asked a third man to say he was the father of Anna’s daughter, but it didn’t work because he already had a vasectomy.

So continues the dysfunctional circus that is Anna Nicole’s life. Not even the best soap opera writers in Hollywood could come up with something like this. If they did and they handed it in for approval, they would be asked to take this part out because it’s a little too far fetched, but the parts about vampires are fine because vampires are super cool.

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