Bad news for Jim Carrey. Good news for me.

Jim Carrey and Cameron Diaz’s on-screen reunion will have to wait a few more years as they have both dropped out of the dramedy, A Little Game Without Consequence, due to “substantive creative differences”. Carrey and Diaz were last seen together in The Mask which ended up being a classic somewhat. It makes sense the studios would be banking on another team up like Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock in The Lake House.

Some have identified the script as the cause for the problems. Focus wanted to make the film more commercial (think: banal comedy) while the director, Carrey and Diaz wanted to keep the dark tones. This marks the third movie for Carrey that has died before release.

The less screen time Cameron Diaz has, the better. I’d rather not sit in suspense wondering when the director will go for a closeup of Cameron. I paid to watch a Jim Carrey movie, not pro-abortion propaganda.

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