Bill Murray is a party animal

Bill Murray was at a St. Andrews’ bar drinking with his golf buddies when he accepted 22 year old Lykke Stavnef’s invitation to go to a party. The Norwegian student brought Bill to the apartment where there were no clean glasses, but the Lost in Translation star was happy to drink vodka from a coffee cup. He even helped wash dishes in the small kitchen.

“He was joking with me about reheating some leftover pasta and how drunk everyone was,” said partygoer Agnes Huitfeldt, 22.

Tom Wright, 22, another college student, said “the party was overflowing with stunning Scandinavian blondes.”

“He seemed to be in his element, cracking lots of jokes,” Wright said. “It was the talk of the town the next day.”

And this is just another reminder why big stars don’t party with students. The thought of drinking most likely shitty vodka out of a coffee cup and having to do the dishes is about as appealing as an colonoscopy. Next time Bill should come to my parties because, unlike these heathens, I know how to throw one. But give me a heads-up. It’s not easy moving my stuffed animals and tea set out of the closet. Plus, setting up that little table is a bit of a hassle, but it’ll be so worth it to hear Binky Bear tell his story about the time he was in Afghanistan fighting the insurgents.

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