Bono and Oprah are caring

Bono and Oprah Winfrey went on a shopping spree yesterday to promote the new Product Red line of gadgets, clothes and accessories. A percentage of each sale goes towards The Global Fund to help fight AIDS among other diseases. The Gap will donate half of its profits while Apple donates $10 of each sale from their new $199 red iPod nano.

Wow, 10 whole dollars from $199. Granted, I don’t know how expensive it actually is to make an iPod, but I can still be sarcastic right? The funny thing is, sales of the iPod alone are expected raise millions of dollars for the organization. The Gap donating half its sale seems pretty generous until you realize their clothes are probably made in a secret third-world sweatshop where workers are paid a stunning 50 cents an hour.

The rich and famous are digging this new Product Red thing. Now they won’t have to feel guilty when they go out and frivolously spend their money. It’s for The AIDS, honest. And if they decide to spend spend spend on designer clothes instead, they’ll just tell the clerk to throw it in a red bag and parade around town with it for the paparazzi. It’s a win-win-win situation. A pat on the back to those who know the reference.

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