Brad Pitt is boring

Brad Pitt tells Entertainment Weekly how he blew off steam while filming his new movie Babel. Brad says he gave himself a wedgie, stuck out his ass and walked around like a duck.

“You’ve gotta find things to make you laugh during the shoot,” he adds. “Cate (Blanchett) called it the Hungry Bum.”

Thinking the Hungry Bum needs elaboration, he describes it as when your ass is so hungry it eats your pants. Oh, now I get it. Seriously, there are actors who prank other actors. Brad Pitt wants you to know he gives himself a wedgie. This story would be more interesting if he gave Cate Blanchett a wedgie so masterful, her panties ripped. Then while she was still in shock, he kicked her in the ass and sprawled her on the ground. Get back to me when that happens.

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17 years ago

Noooooo no no no no. Nick Carter’s family is boring. The Bush family is boring. Paris Hilton is boring. And people who never read are boring. But Brad Pitt, my dear friend, is NEVER boring. Never ever ever ever ever. If he just stood there and never said a word, he still would not be boring.