Cindy Margolis will do Playboy

40 year old Cindy Margolis has decided to do something she thought she never would. Pose for Playboy.

Cindy will appear in a 10-page pictorial in the magazine’s December issue, on newsstands November 3rd. But this mom to three didn’t sign off without a fight! A self-confessed “junk food junkie,” Cindy says she worked out for three months before shedding her clothing.

A little late. It might have been better if she didn’t look so old now. The whole reason for reading Playboy is for the over airbrushed 20 somethings. I’m pretty happy masturbating to girls who could be a cartoon or could be a real person. The ambiguity makes it exciting. Sure there’s a market out their for 40 year old airbrushed nudes, but I’m not in it. However, if I cover up her face I might be able to trick my brain into thinking I’m looking at someone not past their prime. She has a nice rack, I’ll give her that.

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