David Hasselhoff is suave

Fresh off of creeping out GMTV host Jenni Falconer, Hasselhoff hits on another girl. This time it’s Suzanne Kerins who writes for the Sunday Mirror. While presenting the Hoff with an award for the Guinness World Record for Most Watched Man on TV, David did what he does best.

He told her, “I was falling asleep on GMTV until I saw Jenni. Wow, she was beautiful! “But look at you, Suzanne. I’m looking at your legs – I like your legs and I’m just loving your toes.”

After the award, Hasselhoff exclaimed, “Let’s celebrate, Suzanne, with a kiss – on the lips of course!”

Call me crazy, but Hasselhoff flirting seems a lot like sexual harassment. Ladies would probably think this is cute if he was some A&F model. Sadly, he’s about as far from that as Britney Spears is from being a physicist. You could put David in a police line-up and 9 times out of 10, he’d be the one picked out for attempted rape.

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