Dear God no!

Update: Pictures have been leaked. Go here for Marcia Cross nude.

David Hans Schmidt has 200 nude photos of Marcia Cross on his hands. The Desperate Housewives star is now demanding the return of the photos, some of which include pictures of her showering outside.

Schmidt represents the firm that was hired to remove trash from Cross’ home. The firm that subsequently found the pictures when they got to the dump. Schmidt says:

“I’m not looking to mortify Ms. Cross, I just want the most money for my client.”

Very touching. Maybe he can do everyone a favor and just burn them. Burn them, pour holy water on them, shoot them with silver bullets and surround them with garlic. He’s already caused a good amount of grief by telling us the carpets match the drapes. I would very much like that to be the end of the Marcia Cross nude discussion. One guy is already in the hospital after his skin sloughed off from touching these unholy things. How many more need to suffer? Won’t someone please think of the children?

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