Dina Lohan is pretty dumb

Lindsay Lohan

Dina Lohan wants Lindsay to do more action films to become the next Angelina Jolie.

“I would love to see her in an action movie, like an Angelina Jolie movie,” Dina tells Star’s David Caplan. “I would like to see her in a kickboxing movie. She could do it.”

Furthering suspicion that Dina’s totally lost it, she says George Clooney is the only man for her and she’d be a perfect match for him.

“For every woman in America, he’s the first choice. He’s a gentleman. He’s kept this class about him.”

In psychology, the easiest class I ever took, they taught us about schizophrenia. One of the symptoms is delusions of grandeur and Dina Lohan has definitely got that. She’s like one of those moms who wants her kid to become a doctor or lawyer, but at the same time her 5 year old is sitting in the corner eating paste and hitting other kids in the head with blocks.

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