Donatella Versace is quite the looker

Donatella Versace is so disturbing to look at even Medusa would shield her eyes. If someone forced me to choose between this thing or Stacy Ferguson, I would fall to my knees and scream “WHY?! WHY!!” while I looked around for the nearest building to throw myself off of. God forbid I couldn’t find one, but plan b is to bang my head into the pavement until I forget.

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15 years ago

It’s weird – in that second photo of her sitting in the chair, if you cut off the lower half of her face (say from the bridge of her nose down, she’s pretty. She has nice eyes. But jeez, back off on the lip injections. And maybe a nose job? Nevermind. That would probably just make it worse…

15 years ago

I dont like to point out mistakes or type-o’s,but these pictures are not of Donatella Versace.These are pictures of Keith Richards after his 90th birthday celebration.He doesnt look a day over 89.

Dave Parise
15 years ago

Ok people listen up! Stop the harsh comments about Donatella. Are you that insecure with yourself that belittling someone who has proven herself to be the godess of fashion and design. Donatella is sexy, exceptional in business, over the top with class and sophistication. Sorry for all who feel better about themselves after trashing another. Get a life!

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