Hilary Duff is being stalked?

Hilary Duff is scared for her life according to recently filed court documents. Over the past six weeks, Hilary has been aggressively stalked by two men, Max, a 19 year old immigrant from Russia and his roommate David Joseph Klein, a 50 year old “celebrity photographer.”

According to the documents, the two men have made repeated contact with Duff’s manager, showed up at Duff’s mother’s house, a Hollywood venue where her boyfriend Joel Madden, 26, of the band Good Charlotte performed last month, and even an L.A. market the couple frequents.

Max has even tried grabbing Hilary’s attention by threatening to kill himself and “engage in dramatic actions (what?).” What’s weirder is Max emigrated to the US with the sole intention of starting a romantic relationship with Hilary.

Hilary needn’t worry. I’m sure Joel Madden will set these two straight. Right after he paints his nails and puts on his makeup. Damnit Hilary, why do you always have to use MY mascara?!

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