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Comedy Central is launching a new animated series online about two testicles. I love sweaty balls as much as the next guy, but this didn’t make me laugh. Believe me, I’ve seen a lot of testicles in my day and these two aren’t even close to being the funniest.

Do you want to dress like a celebrity this Halloween? It’s easier than ever now. All you need are large pieces of cloth and sunglasses. Adopted babies not included.

Madonna might have tested her new baby David for HIV before deciding to adopt. Plus, the baby’s father is now saying he’s afraid Madonna will give David back because of the media circus. All he needs to do is say “No take backs” and everything will be gravy.

Tara Reid wants kids, but that could be a problem because even if she finds someone dumb enough to impregnate her, there’s a good chance her eggs will hide in an attempt to save humanity.

Sandra Bullock’s secrets to success include great sex and Preparation H. She’s still unwilling to try the secret I gave her. Fall down a well.

I think I know who the rapist is. This came out around yesterday, but it still makes me smile. Bigger picture here.

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